Misic Reimagined

2020 Virtual Workshops

Music Reimagined is a saturday summer workshop series focused on broadening your experience and skill in musicianship. The workshops do this by developing a deeper understanding of the elemts of music.
Using principles from Victor Wooton's book "The Music Lesson" the Music Reimagined workshops are relevant to the music lover wanting to transform their understanding. 
Any musician at any level will benefit in the techniques covered in these courses. Choose the cworkshops that best fits your interest, register, and get ready for a fun-filled exploration that will resonate with any lover of music.
Date/ Time                                   Topic                                       Cost
June 13                             Teenage Music Rocks                        $60
11:00 - 1PM EST
June 20                             Transforming Pitch Pt. 1                   $50
11:00 - 1:30PM EST
June 20                             Poetry, Lyrics, & Groove                   $60
3:00 - 5:30PM EST
June 27                             Transforming Pitch Pt. 2                   $50
11:00 - 1"30PM EST
June 27                              The Voice As Paintbrush                  $75
3:00 - 5:30PM EST
July 11                                Songwriting Reimagined                  $75
11:00 - 1:30 PM EST

Workshop Description


Teenage Music Rocks

It's no secret that popular music is often written or produced by young people. Ever wonder why ? This workshop is designed for teenage musicians to hone into what makes them brilliant experts of what music needs to say in 2020. This workshop offers tangible musicianship techniques that can help with any instrument, or beatmaker.

Poetry, Lyrics, and Groove

This workshop demonstrates how lyrics always  intersects with groove. Enhance your groove factor and your songwriting with techniques that will open your mind and musicianship. An essential course for songwriters, advanced or beginner. 

Transforming Pitch Pt. 1

Ever had the idea that you may get a little "pitchy"? Ever wonder what "pitchy" even means,? This workshop develops your ears, throat, and mouth on the nuances of  pitch. Learn how to get clairty in your upper register and strength in your lower register with this eye-opening workshop. Suitable for beginners or advanced students.


Transforming Pitch Pt. 2

This workshop builds on part one, adding new elemnts of music like tone, dynamics, and phrasing as it relates to pitch. Let's get pitch-perfect in this workshop (participants must take Pt.1 in order to register for part two).

The Voice As Paintbrush

This intermediate-advanced level course is designed for singers waiting to take the next step in their singing and performance. When dramatic intention meets music, your have a landscape rich with ideas. Learn the art of improvisation, dynamic control, and energetic suggestion in this captivating course. Advanced level is defined as any participant with public performing experience. Participants must feel comfortable singing during the course and open to group feedback. 


Songwriting Reimagined

This workshop is designed for songwriter who are looking to develop the mesh point between their "voice" (lyrical and physical) and their instrument. Whether beginner or advanced, this course will enhance the your skill of by reimagining the process of songwriting through a new creative lens. This workshop will be capped for intimacy purposes so make sure to register early to ensure your place.

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