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1/21/2021 Danie Ocean releases newest album "The Awakening" available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and all other music streaming sites.*

Danie Ocean's Patreon page is up! Become a patron for as low as $3 a month! Click HERE

* Danie Ocean's solo debut album release is August 15th! Mark it on your calendars. Get it on your favorite music streaming/ download site.

* Danie Ocean's videocast "No Competition" is live July 27th on Youtube. Hear the stories of some phenomenal artists youmay have never heard of.

* Read the latest article by Danie Ocean in the Broad Street Review featured July 27th.

* Heard about the children's podcast "The Young Detectives"? Click here to listen on the website!

* Looking for an exceptional place to learn music and art friendly to children and adults? Check out Connected Arts. Cruise the catalog to see the courses taught by Danie Ocean.


* Danie Ocean featured in Article

* See links for critic reviews of the album "Love Won't Let Me Fail" in the About tab.