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The Danie Ocean Band was formed in March of 2017 with frontwoman Danie Ocean as lead vocalist and songwriter, Rochelle Kilson-Dreyton as bassist, Bill Giffeear as Trumpeter, and John Fisher as percussionist.

"At it's inception this band was kind of a concept I was really toying with the idea of simplicity with a dash of uniqueness. I thought to myself, how many bands have a trumpeter and electronic percussionist. Rochelle came on board when my drummer John insisted we find a female bassist. After seeing her play at a local open mic the rest was history."

"Bill Giffear, Temple University graduate brings an element of the unexpected to the Danie Ocean line up. His unique styles are reminiscent of trumpeters of old, with full round and robust tones and a delicate finish. 

John Fisher, drummer and percussionist brings and element of alternative rock, and seventies style percussion. Whether playing 808 subtones or bongos he's sure to bring an innovative flavor to the overall texture of the music.

Rochelle Dreyton decided to start playing bass after retirement to fill a bucket list wish. She never thought she'd have an aptitude for it but loved listening to bass lines. Rochelle brings a clean and sophisticated bass groove to the Danie ocean sound flavoring the band with a old-school basement thump.

The band are Philadelphia natives Their most recent album "Love Won't Let Me Fail" is available on Amazon Music, Itunes, Spotify and other musical distrubution  sites. The Danie Ocean band is signed to Winding Way records. Inquiries about booking can be submitted to

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