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Danie Ocean is an American singer/ songwriter with soul roots in an alternative R&B groove. Ocean quoted as a "refreshing elixir in a time of rapidly changing genres" Ocean is recently signed to Winding Way records. 

Diagnosed with a rare eye disease (Retinitis Pigmentosa), legally blind Ocean uses music as an outlet as well as a means for advocacy. This music maven has not only played in some of the most prestigiuous venues of R&B and Jazz across the eastern seaboard she has also served as a motivational speaker on disability rights.

Danie Ocean began singing at three watching "Star Search" and listening to Whitney houston. She accredits her soulful approach to music to her family's great love of music. "There were bookcases full of vinyls in my house, and I remember playing Earth Wind & Fire at six.

"I just believe all the arts are parts of the same expression of life" says Ocean about her love of written prose and music. "I started writing poetry in middle school and that evolved into my song writing, and from there prose."

Danie Ocean is often the producer, singer, background vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist behind much of her music. "Maybe I'm ambitious, or a control-freak, I haven't quite figured out which." In whatever instrument stylings, Ocean is playing it's sure to have a smooth and original groove  complementary  to her contralto vocals

Danie Ocean cofounded the arts initiative and nonprofit Working While Playing with Adam Monaco in 2001 and has helped hundreds of aspiring artists across the city of Philadelphia. Currently Ocean is working on another studio album.

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